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Don't Look In

As a psychiatrist in a remote Maine town, Gus Young learns a lot of secrets. Some of them are deadly...

"...a masterpiece of psychological suspense.—Brian Shea, author of the Boston Crime Thriller series

"...I was holding my breath more than once...a five-star read in my book."        — Kimberly Charleston, Books Uplift

Psychiatrist Gus Young didn’t always see patients in the back of a hardware store. Before he came to rural Maine, he was a man with a past—past successes, past scandals... and past enemies.

Now he lives in the woods, struggling with his memory, trying to reconcile with what little family he has left, and learning the secrets of his neighbors.

One of those secrets is getting people killed.

When Wanda Flynn turns up dead, the police are interested in a number of Gus’s patients. Gus has his own suspicions.

But when the evidence starts pointing in Gus’s direction, he must uncover who killed the troubled young woman or face the consequences. His investigation soon takes him into the dark underbelly of the otherwise sleepy town, into his own past failings, and into the brutal path of revenge.

Tom Saric, author of Indicted and Compromised, pens a twisting novel of psychological suspense, introducing a psychiatrist trying to save lives while battling his own demons. With sharp turns, Saric opens Gus’s case files, letting loose a bevy of reasons to kill, and to kill again.

Believe In Me

Sometime the only thing more dangerous than forgetting your past... is remembering it.

Tom Saric is back with Book 2 of the Gus Young Thrillers series — offering readers a glimpse into the case files of a small-town psychiatrist and crafting a brilliantly-told tale of anger, betrayal and revenge in the process.

After a bloodied and disoriented twenty-something is found wandering the outskirts of a rural Maine town, psychiatrist Gus Young agrees to take her on as a client.

But when Sara Watson, the mysterious young woman, begins quoting verses from the Bible, Gus doesn’t know what to make of his newest patient. And soon, their sessions take an unexpected turn.

As he works to piece together Sara’s past, Gus comes to a shocking realization: Ms. Watson has just escaped a nearby cult — and the trauma from her time there runs far beyond the surface.

Then, after several supernatural experiences lead many in town to believe Sara is a second coming, she returns to the very same cult she escaped — except this time as their prophet.

However, Gus isn’t convinced Sara is who she claims to be. As her prophecies intensify and cult members become more and more frantic, Gus must race to figure out Sara’s motive... before innocent people get hurt.

What readers are saying:

★★★★★ "Loved it!"

★★★★★ "Excellent read."

★★★★★ "...didn’t want it to end..."

★★★★★ "The entire premise of this book is wonderful."

★★★★★ "...twisty plot and believable, well-developed characters."

About Tom Saric

Tom Saric is an author from the Canadian prairies. He spent the summers of his youth on the Adriatic coast. During half of the week, he provides treatment to people affected by war. During the other half, he writes thrillers. He also watches hockey, drinks beer, and barbecues a mean beef brisket.

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