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Frank Tower Mystery Thrillers

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Investigation Con

Follow Frank Tower as he solves crimes influenced by the deadly sins—starting with a con rooted in lust.

They thought he’d be an easy mark. They were wrong…

A con gone wrong sends two women running for their lives in this sizzling thriller about lust and power.

After meeting in domestic violence therapy, two women decide to change their lives in a radical way. Reinventing themselves as the Pearls, they establish their con. Flirting with single men in bars. Slipping drugs into their drinks. Stealing valuables from their unconscious bodies. They won’t be victims anymore.

Until they steal a locked briefcase from the wrong man.

Now the girls are running from a trail of death following them across South Florida. A private investigator by the name of Frank Tower is their last hope for survival.

As you follow the Pearls through a “Fugitive” style chase, you’ll be desperate to uncover the dark secrets behind the briefcase…and you will never believe what’s inside.

What readers are saying:

★★★★★ "Five Stars"

★★★★★ "Action-packed..."

★★★★★ "...surprising twist..."

★★★★★ " thriller."

★★★★★ " fast-paced adventure romp!"

Investigation Wrath

Many people have crossed him. Now he’s crossing them off his hit list…

PI Frank Tower returns in this second installment of the riveting investigation series, where a troubled singer gets caught up in a serial killer's deadly plan.

To thousands of adoring fans, Kinnie Mason lives a charmed life as a famous singer. But her highs turn to lows behind closed doors, where she turns to drugs to survive her high-pressure lifestyle. She’s lucky to have her manager Barry at her side, always ready to talk her out of making any deadly mistakes.

But things turn south when she witnesses a murder and turns to drugs to cope.

When Kinnie’s statement isn’t taken seriously, Kinne hires a PI who understands lost causes- Frank Tower. Frank learns that the murder she witnessed is only the latest in a series of cold-blooded executions, all of them matching the same MO—two shots to the head and an ice pick through the mouth, to silence the victims for good.

Frank will risk everything to track down the killer and learn the secrets his victims were keeping.

What readers are saying:

★★★★★ "Highly recommended."

★★★★★ "...couldn't put it down."

★★★★★ "Great story line and characters."

★★★★★ "Action packed...kept me on edge..."

★★★★★ "I was pulled into this book right away..."

Investigation Greed

They wanted to make some easy cash. Now they’ll pay the ultimate price…

A vigilante serial killer carries out mass punishments in this pulse-pounding thriller about greed and revenge — the third book in the Frank Tower Mystery Series.

The instructions in the text message are simple: come to Stilton Bay Park, and you’ll be rewarded with some easy cash. But when twenty randomly selected people arrive at the location, there’s no money in sight—until they find a dead man, his clothes stuffed with thousands’ worth of cash.

When they take the money, they have no idea they’re playing right into the hands of a ruthless serial killer.

When the people who took the money start to get sick, they pay the ultimate price for their greed - with their lives.

It is clear that this "prankster" means business and it’s up to Frank to track down the killer before they cause any more damage—but when another mass text is sent out, it’s clear that they won’t stop until they punish the entire city for their greed…

What readers are saying:

★★★★★ "...masterful storytelling..."

★★★★★ "... rolling cannon ball mystery!!"

★★★★★ "...a crazy ride you won’t want to miss..."

★★★★★ "[Taylor is] author with a clever, creative mind."

★★★★★ ...complex plot, well drawn characters and non-stop action..."

Investigation Envy

Frank Tower is back to investigate a serial killer full of rage, envy, and cold-blooded cruelty in this thrilling fourth installment of the Frank Tower Mystery Series.

The first body is discovered at the city park, arranged in an unnatural position, eyes wide open.

Inside the body, police find a thumb drive with a countdown clock until the next victim is killed—and a demand to inform PI Frank Tower about the murder.

The victim’s best friend hires Tower to investigate, but with limited clues and stubborn resistance from the police, he’s in for his toughest case yet. Soon, several other victims are discovered in public areas across the city, each body containing a similar thumb drive. Each time, the countdown clock shows less time to stop the next murder.

And then a chilling discovery forces Frank to make an impossible choice.

When the clock runs out, will he beat the killer at his own game…or lose the ones he loves the most?

About Mel Taylor

Mel Taylor was born and raised in Chicago, graduated from Southern Illinois University and started a broadcast career in Des Moines, Iowa. Mel left the Midwest after two years and continued his journey as a reporter in Miami, Florida. 

Mel has reported on and witnessed history unfolding in South Florida, from major trials to the brutality of the Cocaine Cowboys, and at times, powerful hurricanes. Mel’s time on television earned him an Emmy Award. 

He then took all his experiences to craft mystery novels and thrillers, all based in South Florida. Mel’s Private Investigator series, featuring Frank Tower, blends the colorful beauty of the Atlantic with the exotic and natural growth of the Florida Everglades. 

Mel is a long-time member of Mystery Writers of America. He is an advocate of the critique group. Mel was allowed to join an invitation-only group which produced more than sixty authors who secured contracts with publishers. Mel has been a speaker on panels at the writers conference called Sleuth Fest.  

Currently, Mel lives in a community just west of Fort Lauderdale.