Author Spotlight: Bruns and Olson

David Bruns and J.R. Olson have been creating thrillers together for 6+ years. Their new series, Command and Control, launches January 11 with the explosive first book, Command and Control. In Command and Control we are introduced to Don Riley, head of the CIA’s Emerging Threats group as he and his team investigate unexplained attacks

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Audiobooks for Everyone on Your List

Does your Aunt Susan have a long commute? Does your Uncle Pat love going on long walks? Did you know that you can gift audiobooks? That’s right! Give the gift of audiobooks this year. Here’s how to do it—when you’re on the Audible book page, simply click “More Options” then “Give as a Gift” and

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Author Spotlight: LaVonne Griffin-Valade

LaVonne Griffin-Valade brings back our favorite witty, cynical, and a bit profane Oregon State Police Sergeant Maggie Blackthorne in Murderers Creek. When Maggie arrives on a murder scene and finds out the victim is her ex-husband, she’s plunged into an investigation that positions her as a potential suspect. We asked LaVonne about the creation of

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Author Spotlight: Chris Glatte

This week, we talked with Chris Glatte about his upcoming release, Dark Valley, the fifth installment in his Tark’s Ticks: WWII Novels. Lieutenant Clay Tarkington and his squad (“Tark’s Ticks”) have been on the ground fighting through the Pacific Theater in World War II. In Dark Valley, historical fiction readers and military thriller fans will

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Author Spotlight: Carolyn Ridder Aspenson

Readers were introduced to Carolyn Ridder Aspenson’s scrappy, smart protagonist, Detective Rachel Ryder, in Damaging Secrets. With Ryder, Aspenson has given readers a protagonist they connect with and realistic police procedurals that keep you turning the page and shocked by the twists. Ryder returns to the page with the third installment, Overkill, on October 26.

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Author Spotlight: Susan Hunter

We are so excited to have Leah Nash back on our bookshelves this month! In Dangerous Waters, Leah finds herself dealing with a murder that’s much more complicated than it looks. SRP: How did you come up with this mystery? Susan: I’ve had the idea for the story for a long time, but I couldn’t

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