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Tark's Ticks

A desperate and bloody defense in the early days of WWII.

Hours after the fateful attack on Pearl Harbor, the Imperial Japanese Army invades Luzon. The allies retreat to the Bataan Peninsula and the ensuing bloody battle sets the tone for the entirety of the war in the Pacific.

Far from home and abandoned, the brave GIs and Filipinos fight the Japanese to a standstill. Long months of bloody fighting take their toll on both sides, however, the Japanese have reserves, the allies don’t.

Sergeant Tarkington and the soldiers of the 1st platoon are put to the ultimate test. With dwindling supplies and constant harassment from the battle-hardened Japanese, the GIs must adapt and become a cohesive fighting unit if they hope to survive.

Tark’s Ticks is the first book in a gritty WWII series.

Tark's Ticks: Valor's Ghost

Allied forces on Luzon surrendered to the Japanese...Tark's Ticks didn't get the word.

Staff Sergeant Tarkington and what's left of his squad are holed up deep in the interior, living among friendly villagers. They are ready to take the fight to the enemy, but this will be a different kind of war. Hit them hard and fast, create chaos and make them pay for their brutality, then disappear into the jungle like ghosts.

They fight in terrible conditions, in an unforgiving jungle, taking what they need by force. There are no reinforcements coming, they can only rely on each another.

The Imperial Japanese Army is closing in. If captured they'll be shown no mercy, for Tark's Ticks are being hunted by a relentless foe who has vowed revenge. 

This is the second book in the gritty WWII series, Tark's Ticks.

Tark's Ticks: Gauntlet

After the hell of Bataan, getting home was supposed to be the easy part.

They battled the Japanese for months. Now Staff Sergeant Tarkington and his battered and bruised GIs are finally on their way out. Riding beneath the waves inside a Gato-Class submarine, should be a relief from the constant strain of combat, but traversing hundreds of miles of Japanese infested waters turns out to be anything but...

Tark's Ticks find the sea holds as many dangers as the jungles. With courage, unwavering commitment, and sheer tenacity, they meet the dangers head-on. 

Can they fight through the ever-tightening noose of the Imperial Japanese Navy? Find out in the gritty third book of the Tark's Ticks Series.

Tark's Ticks: Valor Bound

Tark’s Ticks escaped the Philippines only to be thrust into the hell of New Guinea.

The US Army needs a better way to gather intelligence on Japanese movements and concentrations. They envision a highly trained—deadly force of commandos that can match the enemy's intensity and brutality.

Tark's Ticks are perfect candidates. Rigorous weeks of training shapes the already deadly force into Alamo Scouts.

In late 1942, the Allies were desperate to contain the indomitable Japanese. Going on the offensive, the Allies attack the northeastern coast of New Guinea. Their goal: retake the heavily fortified region of Buna.

The newly trained Tark’s Ticks enter the action. Far behind enemy lines—they must rely on their training, and each other to make it out of the brutal quagmire and unforgiving jungles of Papua New Guinea.

The 4th book in the gritty WWII series—Tark’s Ticks—is fast-paced and will keep you turning the pages.

Kanga Raid

KANGA RAID is an action-packed WWII short story that unfolds deep in the jungles of Papua New Guinea.

With little support and even fewer supplies, an elite Australian commando force prepares to face an experienced Japanese that's ready to do anything to gain control of a strategic nearby port. Under mounting pressure and running out of time, the commandos must decide if they're willing to risk everything for victory...and if they can live with what might happen if they don't.

Tark's Ticks: Dark Valley

Some missions are FUBAR from the very beginning.

Tarkington and his men are tasked with a long-range reconnaissance mission deep behind enemy lines. But when their C-47 is shot down, Tark’s team must make the perilous trek through the jungle to a besieged Wau airfield. The airfield is vital to both the Allies and the Japanese, and soon Tarkington and his men are embroiled in its defense. To make matters worse, an American airman has been captured by the nearby Japanese forces.

Can Tark’s Ticks defend the airfield and rescue the downed aviator? Or will a hostile jungle and determined enemy prove to be too much?

Don’t miss this edge of your seat WWII historical thriller!


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★★★★★ "Don’t miss this roller coaster ride WWII historical thriller!"

Tark's Ticks: War Point

One courageous squad tackles three deadly missions in the Pacific Theater at the height of World War II…

Lieutenant Tarkington is the leader of Tark’s Ticks, a squad of soldiers who take on the most dangerous tasks in the Pacific Theater. After losing a close friend in combat, Tarkington struggles to keep his team on the right track—and when they’re assigned three lethal missions, each team member will be pushed to his limits.

Mission One sends the squad to perform reconnaissance on a Japanese airfield, where a last-minute order from headquarters will throw them into direct contact with the enemy.

Mission Two introduces a new Japanese-American team member determined to prove he belongs, with tensions rising in a squad divided by his arrival. But when the team is tasked with taking out a Japanese general on a remote island, they must set aside their differences to complete the operation, where a lack of trust can have fatal consequences.

Mission Three raises the stakes even higher when the team learns the location of a group of prisoners, including people close to Tarkington’s second-in-command. Controversial orders from headquarters collide with the squad’s sense of justice when they arrive at the scene—and with so many lives on the line, making the right decision comes at a steep price…

Filled with gritty combat scenes, well-researched historical details, and pulse-pounding action, this historical thriller is a must-read for fans of P.T. Deutermann, W.E.B. Griffin, and Tom Clancy.

About Chris Glatte

Chris Glatte graduated from the University of Oregon with a BA in English Literature and worked as a river guide/kayak instructor for a decade before training as an Echocardiographer. He worked in the medical field for over 20 years, and now writes full time.  

Chris is the author of multiple historical fiction thriller series, including Tark's Ticks, a set of popular WWII novels.

He lives in Southern Oregon with his wife, two boys, and ever-present Labrador, Hoover. When he’s not writing or reading, Chris can be found playing in the outdoors—usually on a river or mountain.

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