David Bruns and J.R. Olson

The Command and Control Series

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Command and Control

As a string of unexplained attacks push superpowers to the brink, the clock is ticking toward the start of World War III.

Don Riley, head of the CIA’s Emerging Threats Group, has never seen anything like this.

Riley and his team are tasked with identifying national security threats before they become tomorrow’s bad news. But shortly after an Iranian vessel delivers a surprise attack to a US Navy Warship in the Arabian Gulf, a series of seemingly unrelated attacks crop up around the globe.

The US military is rapidly being drawn into full-fledged shooting wars on multiple fronts. Now Riley must sift through the layers of deception in time to discover who—or what—is behind these events…

...before the clock reaches zero hour.

Command and Control is the explosive first book in a brand new series co-written by former submarine officer, David Bruns, and retired naval intelligence officer, J.R. Olson. Dive into this nail-biting techno-thriller today, and brace yourself for an electrifying dose of military action, political intrigue, twist-filled espionage.

Praise for Bruns and Olson:

“David Bruns and J.R. Olson deliver captivating and utterly authentic portrayals of modern day combat that compares with the best of the timeless classics by Tom Clancy, Dale Brown, and Stephen Coonts.” —Mark Greaney, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Mission Critical

“A fascinating World War Three scenario, and an action-packed story. This is going to be an amazing series!” —Andrew Watts, USA Today bestselling author of The War Planners

"With their background in the U.S. Navy, both Bruns and Olson have the right stuff to create a realistic military tale." ―Booklist

“These two guys have lived it. Now they’re writing it. Taut, tense, and totally believable, you will be dropped into the midst of a world with which few of us are familiar. A fine thriller indeed.” —Don Keith, author of Only the Brave and Final Bearing

“Command and Control is a masterpiece of a military thriller from the first page to the explosive ending…some of the best combat writing I’ve seen since Tom Clancy.” —Jason Kasper, USA Today bestselling author of The Enemies of My Country

"Bruns and Olson deliver an action packed story from the first to the very last page. Torn from tomorrow’s headlines, loaded with intrigue and mystery, a must read for any fan of military techno-thrillers." —George Wallace, author of Warshot and Operation Golden Dawn

What readers are saying:

★★★★★ "BRILLIANT!"

★★★★★ "...even I was shocked..."

★★★★★ "...nothing less than epic."

★★★★★ "Tom Clancy, we found your successors."

★★★★★ "...relentlessly accelerates into a nightmare scenario..."

Counter Strike



When China launches a blitz attack on the island of Taiwan, the world order hangs in the balance and the CIA must mobilize all forces to prevent the start of World War III.

The operation by the People’s Liberation Army is airtight, with a high-tech battle network that guarantees total occupation within ten days. The United States rallies every available asset on land, sea, and air to launch a desperate counter strike against the occupying forces.

But in order to win, the US is forced to throw out the old playbook. What is required here is speed, audacity, and the application of the most advanced technology in the US arsenal.

As the head of the CIA’s Emerging Threats Group, Don Riley has seen his share of crises, but nothing has prepared him for the choices ahead. With millions of civilian lives at risk, the US must neutralize the Chinese threat without triggering World War Three.

Counter Strike is the second book in a brand new series co-written by former submarine officer David Bruns and retired naval intelligence officer J.R. Olson. Packed with pulse-pounding action, realistic combat scenes, and page-turning twists, this military techno-thriller is a must-read for fans of Tom Clancy and Mark Greaney.

What readers are saying:

★★★★★ "...brilliantly written"

★★★★★ "...as great as Clancy."

★★★★★ "...a winner from the first page to the last."

★★★★★ "...powerful, white-knuckle, intense roller coaster ride."

★★★★★ "...an exhilarating geopolitical techno-thriller of the highest order."

Order of Battle

A conflict in Ukraine threatens to escalate into a global power struggle between the United States and Russia.

When mercenaries attack in eastern Ukraine, the world is thrust into turmoil. Russian President Luchnik is quick to respond, launching a full-scale military invasion to quell this “national emergency” in the former Soviet country.

The United States, reluctant to put boots on the ground in yet another regional conflict, takes a different path. President Serrano hires Sentinel Holdings, a private military contractor, to hold back the Russian threat.

Don Riley, head of the CIA’s Emerging Threats Group, sees trouble ahead. The Russian President is hungry for power, and he’s got the military might to back up his grand ambitions. The Russian attack in Ukraine is the first move in a much larger campaign that will redraw the map of Europe.

Unfortunately, a war-weary President and his closest advisers decide Riley’s input is no longer required. Instead of worrying about his career, Don Riley does what he does best.

Figuring out his enemy’s end game. Before it’s too late.

Order of Battle is the third book in a brand-new series co-written by former submarine officer David Bruns and retired naval intelligence officer J.R. Olson. With rapid-fire pacing, pulse-pounding action, and shocking twists, this electrifying installment to the Command and Control series is sure to keep you turning pages until the very last moment.

About David Bruns

David Bruns earned a Bachelor of Science in Honors English from the United States Naval Academy. (That’s not a typo. He’s probably the only English major you’ll ever meet who took multiple semesters of calculus, physics, chemistry, electrical engineering, naval architecture, and weapons systems just so he could read some Shakespeare. It was totally worth it.)

Following six years as a US Navy submarine officer, David spent twenty years in the high-tech private sector. A graduate of the prestigious Clarion West Writers Workshop, he is the author of over twenty novels and dozens of short stories. Today, he co-writes contemporary national security thrillers with retired naval intelligence officer, JR Olson.

Find out more and download a free Starter Library at www.davidbruns.com.

About J.R. Olson

J.R. Olson graduated from Annapolis in May of 1990 with a BS in History. He served as a naval intelligence officer, retiring in March of 2011 at the rank of commander. His assignments during his 21-year career included duty aboard aircraft carriers and large deck amphibious ships, participation in numerous operations around the world, to include Iraq, Somalia, Bosnia, and Afghanistan, and service in the U.S. Navy in strategic-level Human Intelligence (HUMINT) collection operations as a CIA-trained case officer. J. R. earned an MA in National Security and Strategic Studies at the U.S. Naval War College in 2004, and in August of 2018, he completed a Master of Public Affairs degree at the Humphrey School at the University of Minnesota.

Today, J. R. often serves as a visiting lecturer, teaching national security courses in Carleton College’s Department of Political Science, and hosts his radio show, National Security This Week, on KYMN Radio in Northfield, Minnesota.