December 10

Audiobooks for Everyone on Your List


Does your Aunt Susan have a long commute?

Does your Uncle Pat love going on long walks?

Did you know that you can gift audiobooks?

That’s right! Give the gift of audiobooks this year.

Here’s how to do it—when you’re on the Audible book page, simply click “More Options” then “Give as a Gift” and fill out the recipient’s information.

It’s that simple!

Lucky for you, we have several audiobooks that are perfect for gifting. Check them out below!

  1. Final Bearing by Wallace and Keith

Brace yourself for a deep sea thriller series co-written by Don Keith and Cdr. George Wallace, USN (retired), a former nuclear submarine captain. Join Commander Jonathan Ward and his crew as they cruise below the surface as they battle drug lords, warring dictators, and terrorists in stories that read like they’re ripped from tomorrow’s headlines.

2. Dangerous Habits by Susan Hunter

The Leah Nash Mysteries are filled with suspenseful twists and turns that will keep you guessing right up to the shocking end. Author Susan Hunter uses her personal experience as a journalist to bring small town reporter Leah Nash to life.

3. The War Planner Series Books 1-3 by Andrew Watts

Don’t miss the electrifying action, exciting new technology, and unpredictable twists in The War Planners series by USA Today Bestselling author Andrew Watts.

4. The Spider Heist by Jason Kasper

As an FBI agent, she specialized in hunting America’s most elite thieves. Now, Blair Morgan’s become one of them. In The Spider Heist Thrillers, Jason Kasper has written a non-stop thrill ride that will leave readers wanting more.

5. Fear No Truth by LynDee Walker

In the first in her riveting series starring Texas Ranger Faith McClellan, LynDee Walker pulls you into the mind of a serial killer like no other author can. Walker shines as she takes McClellan on a hunt for a killer while leaving the reader unable to guess what will happen next.

The audiobook lovers on your list are sure to enjoy these picks! Let us know which you plan on gifting.


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