Nightingale Detective Series

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The Last Nightingale

Nail-biting suspense and dazzling historical detail collide in this story of a bloodthirsty serial killer and the family he destroyed, set in San Francisco during the Great Earthquake.

In 1906, go-getters across the country flock to San Francisco as a center of skyrocketing industry—but it remains a city of unspeakable sin to many others, who see the Great Earthquake as a day of reckoning for the immoral masses.

While the disaster consumes the city, twelve-year old Shane Nightingale witnesses the violent deaths of his adoptive family—not from the earthquake, but at the hands of a serial killer. The tragedy links his fate with Sergeant Randall Blackburn, who is determined to track down the killer in the chaotic aftermath of the disaster.

But despite the Sergeant’s protection, Shane is far from safe in the streets of the ravaged city. The killer is dead set on finishing the job—and they won’t rest until the last Nightingale follows his family into the grave.

Charged with the electrifying atmosphere of the period, The Last Nightingale draws the reader into the natural destruction and moral depravity that ruled San Francisco at the end of its Gilded Age. Anthony Flacco shocks and dazzles in this immersive page-turner about a twisted killer whose rage burns brighter than Mother Nature herself.




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