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The Future of Publishing

Today’s authors have more choices than ever on how to publish. Self-publishing, ebooks, and online marketing are rapidly transforming the book industry. Yet with these new opportunities comes the challenge of an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Severn River Publishing (SRP) helps our authors break away from the pack. We provide top level services in marketing, product development, and business management, using strategies that have proven successful in this new era of book publishing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does SRP provide?

As your publisher, we manage everything from product development to launch. This includes editing, cover design, email list management, paid advertisements, formatting, website analytics, distribution, and promotion. We also provide extensive ongoing marketing support after launch. We get your books in front of readers, and promote sales.

What are SRP royalty rates?

While each case is different, our royalty rates are very competitive. We structure our royalties so that both the author and publisher continue to see a fair share of profits as we sell higher quantities of books.

Does SRP have distribution in bookstores?

We work with distribution companies and retailers that enable access to a wide variety of bookstores. Our focus, however, is the online retailer, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, and Kobo.

How much does it cost the author to publish with SRP?

There are no author-paid fees. SRP pays for all publishing services and marketing. We intend to make money with you, not from you.

Is SRP accepting submissions?

Yes we are. Submit your MS here.

Does SRP work with agents?

Yes we do, but it is not required. We have signed both authors with agents and without.

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