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The publishing industry has rapidly transformed into an increasingly competitive marketplace. Severn River Publishing helps our authors break away from the pack.

Brand Management

With brand management experience from some of the world’s top companies, we’re 100% focused on growing your brand and reader following.

Advertising Expertise

Our marketing team stays on the cutting edge of digital book ads, using data analytics and proprietary tools to get the best performance possible.

Top-notch Cover Design

We work with only the best designers, creating premium covers that captivate and attract the right readers.

Your Fair Share, Faster

Our standard contract provides authors with 50% of net profit, across all formats. Royalties are paid monthly, so you get your earnings faster.

What Our Authors Say:

“I wanted a publisher that excelled at sales and marketing, but also made me feel like part of the team. At Severn River, I found great people who are easy to work with, share my goal of making every book the best one yet, and get my stories in front of new readers every day. I couldn’t be happier with my publishing home.”

- LynDee Walker -

“As with all media, book publishing/selling has changed dramatically, probably since I finished my morning coffee. I’m pleased to be with a publisher who not only understands where things are now, but where they will be tomorrow, and uses that change to best enable its authors to reach readers.”

- Don Keith -

“It’s been a collaborative effort between us and SRP to make our stories a success...There is none of the long waits you experience with big publishers while they make a decision. The SRP team is professional in the best meaning of the word.”

- George Wallace -

“Severn River Publishing has breathed life into my career as an author. Their marketing vision is second to none, and the team has supported me completely, bringing out the best in me with the amazingly talented editorial team.”

- Brian Shea -

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